Whispering Pines Police Department
14 Hardee Lane
Fax 910-949-9963

The Police Department is open daily between the hours
of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

In case of emergency call 911

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Contact information:

Chief Domonic Campbell -

Lieutenant Rodney Dozier -

Sergeant Jason Graham -

Master Officer John Tate -

Officer Christopher Holt -

Officer Christian McNeill -

Officer Jason Blackburn -

Officer Nicholas Foulk -

Administrator Lisa Weaver -








Whispering PinesPolice Department Services

  • Residence Checks – Your home will be checked daily while you are away.  Packages will be picked up and held at the police department until you return.  To request this service please complete a residence check form and drop it off at the police department.
  • Senior Citizen Call In Program – Senior citizens may sign up for this service.  Participants call in to the police department every day by 9:00 am.  If a call has not been received, the police department will try calling the participant.  If still unable to contact the participant, an officer will go to their residence to check on their well-being.  Contact Lisa Weaver if interested in this program.
  • Child ID Program – This program will provide each child with a CD that contains important identifying information such as a digital photo, a digital video clip, digital fingerprints, and a form containing all identifying information.  The police department does not keep any information – the parents keep the CD containing all of the information.  In the case of a missing child, you can provide the CD to the reporting law enforcement agency.  This program can also be utilized by senior citizens as well.  This service is by appointment only.  Please contact the police department to set up an appointment.

  • Child Seat Permanent Checking Station – Parents/caregivers can receive information about child passenger safety from nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians and have their car seats and seat belts checked to be sure they are installed and used correctly.  Please contact the police department to set up an appointment.

  • Home Security Inspections – This service is provided upon request.  An inspection will be made of your property and suggestions will be made to improve security.

  • Fingerprinting – The police department provides this service only to residents of Whispering Pines.  There is no cost for fingerprinting. 

  • Gun Locks – Free gun locks are available to anyone.  Just stop by the police department to pick up your free gun lock.

Useful Links 

North Carolina Sex Offender and Public Protection Registry
The registry serves as a resource to help protect and inform the public about sex predators that live in your area.  You can also sign up for email and/or telephone alerts when a sex offender registers at an address near your home or your child’s school.  The email and/or phone alerts can also be used to track a specific offender.  The website also has information about a mobile phone app that is available.

123NC – For Criminal Record Searches

Allows for instant searches of every criminal record in North Carolina.  There is a fee in order to utilize this service.  123nc contracts with the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) to provide the access to these records.


An intertube float has been found at Spring Valley Lake.
Please contact the Police Department at 910-949-9961 or stop by
14 Hardee Lane if you are missing a float.


The Whispering Pines Police Department encourages all residents to use this FREE online system that will help keep track of valuable --- and invaluable --- personal property. ReportIt is a FREE, secure online service allowing residents to record serial numbers and upload images for phones, electronics, and other valuables. Should those items ever be stolen, having this information will go a long way in accurately and quickly identifying your property. helps the Village of Whispering Pines residents to safely and securely store important information that is useful in recovering property in the event of a loss or theft.
Residents can easily access the ReportIt website through the police department’s website at  Then scroll down to the ReportIt section and click on the website link  Each resident will need to set up their own personal user account.  Once the account is established the resident can then begin entering their personal property information.  If you need assistance with the process we have also attached a simple slide show that will walk you through each step.  The slide show can be accessed by clicking on the link labeled “ReportIt Slide Show”.  If you continue to need assistance feel free to contact Lt. Rodney Dozier at 949-9961.

Click on the website link:

Click following link to view: ReportIt Slide Show

What is Identity Theft? Guide
Click on link above for guide

The information contained in this guide provides the actions recommended by the Whispering Pines Police Department and the financial industry to help reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of identity theft.

Prescription Medicine Disposal

The Whispering Pines Police pdb2Department has been authorized by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to become a local collection site for unwanted or outdated Pharmaceutical drugs (controlled substances) that are no longer needed.  There will be a large metal drop box labeled “Prescription Medicine Disposal Only” placed inside the police department lobby to assist residents with disposing of any prescription pills that are no longer needed.  We are asking that residents empty their pill bottles into a large zip-lock bag and bring the sealed zip-lock bag to the police department.  The resident can then place the zip-lock bag into the drop box.  (Please make sure to only submit pills and do not include chemicals, syringes, liquids, or vitamins, in the zip-lock bags.) 

This program will begin on April 1st and residents can drop off their prescription pills on Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8AM-4:30PM.  If you have any questions please contact Lt. Rodney Dozier at 949-9961.